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We Cover All Your Needs

Our customers have varied objectives. From mission critical companies requiring highly reliable tyres to customers who require cost effective solutions for their daily operations. At Ling Boon Keng Tyre we are able to meet our customers requirements because we are partners of premium grade tyres and we also import cost effective tyre products.

Truck and Buses

One of our core business is TBR tyres for trucks and buses. We deal in tube type and tubeless and some of the common sizes are 295/80R22.5 and 315/80R22.5. The common use are for dumper trucks, prime movers and buses. A usual industry practise if to install rib or steer tyres at the front for control and lug or drive tyres at back.


We import our own forklift tyres to service a variety of forklifts used in Singapore. These are usually solid tyres that are long lasting for logistical usage. We have our own pressing machine to install the tyres and we also work with our partners to achieve a faster turn around time for our customers.

Light Trucks & Van

Light trucks and vans are used to transport goods and people from point A to point B. One of the common sizes are 195R15, 155R12 which are the most widely used sizes amongst this category

Heavy Machineries

Heavy construction equipment such as earth movers and cranes power the major projects in Singapore. They use huge OTR tyres so as to support their operations and require a minimum of 2 tyre technician in order to do safe installation. sdklf jalsdj flsakdj flksadjf lksdj flskdjf lkasdjf lsadkfj lsdkajf salkdfj lasdkjf lsakdfj lsadkfj alsdkfj asldkfj asldkfj asldkfj sdalfjk sd

Fender Tyres

As part of our support to environmental care, we also provide tyres for fender usage. These are usually TBR, OTR or Aircraft tyres re-purposed to keep our boats and ships safe during habour.


Rims are an integral part of the wheel to ensure the integrity of the tyre. We carry a wide variety of rims and import our own trucks and buses rims. Our rims cater to both tube and tubeless types.

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